The design process...

When you first contact us we will have a brief chat about what it is you require. We will arrange an initial visit to discuss the project further, and prior to this visit you will have the opportunity to complete a design questionnaire which will help you decide what you want to achieve in your garden.

During the visit you will see examples of previous projects, we will discuss your garden requirements, the budget you have in mind, the cost of the process and you can decide whether you want to proceed.

The site survey and analysisis is next, taking account of locality to understand the individual setting of your garden and from all this information an initial plan will be produced.

The initial plan will then be discussed with you and amendments can be made as necessary to ensure the garden is exactly what you want. Also this meeting will give us an opportunity to discuss materials for the project and show you samples where possible. The final plan will be produced and you will be given a hand coloured copy of the plan and further copies as required.

Detailed specification drawings for construction can also be produced as well as setting out drawings to ensure the quality and integrity of the building work.

We will discuss the planting areas of the garden and produce planting plans if you require. Finally, we can advise on a choice of local landscape construction companies to quote for the build, and if required can oversee the project to completion, including sourcing of plants and planting.

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